Simple Azure Function App in Python

In the first post on this topic, Learning Azure (Python) Functions, I provided some introductory reading on Azure Functions to give a background on what they can do and how your Python code interacts with Azure services. Now we’re going to use that knowledge to implement a simple Function App. Later we may build on this simple app to learn about the other triggers and bindings available with Functions.

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Learning Azure (Python) Functions

title image learning azure python functions

Serverless has been around for several years and continues to generate significant buzz. Simply put, it means someone provides an environment where you upload and run your function code. Providers offer serverless environments for many popular languages such as Java, Node.js, C#, and Python.

I practice Python as a side project. I do not code at a developer level but learn enough to perform useful work. As I further explore Azure services I want to employ my knowledge of Python to create practical Azure Functions for a deeper understanding of serverless capabilities. If you share an interest in these complimentary tools, read on as I experiment and learn.

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